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"got roc" is our campaign to raise funds and awareness for the Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation.  The Foundation was started by the family of Notre Dame's “winningest” coach, Ara Parseghian, who was featured in the movie “Rudy”. 
Coach Ara’s son, Mike, is a Tucson Orthopaedic surgeon who , with his wife Cindy were informed that 3 of their 4 children had a rare, fatal disease called Niemann-Pick Type C.  The Parseghians began the fight to find a cure and save their children.  Although the disease took their 3 angels over the years, the foundation has made incredible strides in finding a cure for NP-C. Their research also benefits many other metabolic lipid diseases such as Altzheimer's.  The University of Notre Dame University is now managing the foundation and great strides have been made in Research and Development!

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We donate $1 to the APMRF for each new "fan".

The Caliopi Gallery was created to make the R.O.C. a more relaxing and beautiful space. 
It is also our effort to help our community through donations to charity.
There are two components to the gallery.

Onsite Gallery

All of the artwork in the gallery office is DONATED to
charities to use for auctions, raffles and other fundraising efforts. 

  Any accredited charity or fund-raising group is welcome to pick up items to support their cause.

Virtual Gallery of Charitable Artists

 The virtual (online) Caliopi Gallery represents many talented artists who have agreed to

donate a portion of sales through the gallery to charity. 

  View their work at:


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