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 The Anterior Hip

 Dr. Rockowitz was the first physician in the Southwest to perform the Direct Anterior Total Hip Replacement Procedure.  The Approach allows the implant to be inserted
without cutting of muscles or tendons. 
This results in a less painful, faster recovery time.
It also eliminates the need for post-operative precautions.

 Additional Benefits of the ANTERIOR Total Hip Replacement:

-smaller incision

 -vastly reduced post-operative pain

 -improved hip stability

 -minimal use of walking aids

 -no post-operative hip precautions

 -1-2 day hospitalization

  In November 2008, Dr. Rockowitz narrated a Live Webcast featuring the
Anterior Hip Replacement utilizing the TriLock® Implant. 
Please click on the link below to view that procedure: (CAUTION it's graphic)

 View Surgery by clicking on the link! 

In May 2010, Dr. Rockowitz was part of the team that launched the European release of the
TriLock® Implant in Rome, Italy.  
There were 15 countries represented at this meeting. 

  Information on the TriLock® Bone Preservation Stem Implant

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